Monday, February 13, 2006


Wonder y it has to happen when somebody or the other comes up to u and asks u something as outrageous as - Why r u like this?!!Come on man! That’s a personal choice...really something that has nothing to do with anyone else. I have had these instances in life as somebody asking-"My God! Don’t u think it’s high time for u to put on some weight? I have seen u thin all these years. Its time u gain..." Whoa!!!! I doubt if she was hinting that I had the chances of winning lotto if I did.
We all bitch and interfere into things unnecessarily at some point of time in life...but it turns painful when the noses poke too much and there is absolutely no space left to turn and run. The society where I used to live was one such perfect example (The name kept under-cover for obvious reasons). It’s difficult to sink-in that in a city like Mumbai, such delusive places still exist. With doubts about every damn thing under the sun, I believe some residents there had dedicated their lives wholly and solely for the cause of making others’ lives a public issue. I doubt if they have ever heard about the real public issues.
But as of now, having reached a trance level after tolerating for so many years...I believe that it finally zeroes down to how seriously u perceive things said about u and having been under serious scrutiny(that’s applicable to everybody, from the hotties to the plainies to the jerks and nerds and the don't-care types),all I can say to those in love with others' lives is - May God help u as long as u try hard, coz I am sure He doesn’t bother as much as you do about ur neighbour...(He can always seek help when he needs details!)After all, God is Human too....

(A piece of mind written on paper out of sheer frustration to kill Time).