Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tuk Tuk

The door opened, and ‘Maa’ peeked out. The ethereal smile, the affection, I knew my first play school was here. I no longer needed my mother, I wanted to be here. I wanted to be cuddled by ‘Maa’, to be fed by her, to play with her, to feel free. I knew within, she would only smile at whatever I did.
My mother cautiously let me go. ‘Maa’ assured her that she can relax, and come back later to pick me. I dreaded the thought of leaving at 5. What if mother doesn't approve? What about weekends? Will I be allowed to sleep-over? So many thoughts raced in my mind , as I watched ‘Maa’ mischievously looking at me, hinting the adventures that lay ahead. I could not wait to get started.
Mother left. ‘Maa’ put me on the couch, and called ‘Tuk Tuk’! Tuk Tuk? what a funny name to address!
And she came. slowly, tottering, round, my Tuk Tuk. She resembled my doll at home. As big as me. She was my Tuk Tuk.
We played everyday, i refused to call her anything but ‘my Tuk Tuk’. We we inseparable. I wanted to give her everything I had, including my most beloved doll. She loved me. She hated me. She could not bear me hugging ‘Maa’. She could not bear to see me taken away by my mother each day.
I wonder if ‘Tuk Tuk’ was ‘Maa’s real daughter, or was she someone else’s. I never cared. I never asked back then. All i wanted and loved was 'my Tuk Tuk’.
I remember the day when my mother was telling ‘Maa’, we got her admitted to the school. She won’t come from next week.
My heart broke for the very first time. I was being pulled away from ‘Maa’ and ‘my Tuk Tuk’. I remember those pearly eyes of Tuk  Tuk when ‘Maa’ told her to bid me goodbye and hug. She seemed to know we may never meet again. She seemed to know, even if we did, our love would be long forgotten.
I lost ‘Tuk Tuk’ at the tender age of 4, an year from I met her. I do not know, if I saw ‘Tuk Tuk’ again. I do not recognize her. Neither does she.

But 'my Tuk Tuk’, you shall always be, my first love...