Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chetan's 3 Mistakes of Life.

Caught it lying on my room-mate's forever scruffy bed-cum-table-cum-(place to bang down your arse as soon as u enter totally exhausted into our teeny-weeny 2 BHK).. Wow !!! Mr. Chetan Bhagat musters up courage to write yet another mega melodramatic thriller after the disastrous call centre book. I absolutely adore this man who left a plush job in Southeast Asia after graduating from IIM-A (sigh....its just a dream for many) to finally write a script for behold ! its Bollywood beckoning again !!!!

The Call Centre thing was itself nauseatic..I wondered why the life of call-centre beings was restricted to food, sex and wine in a nutshell in his "transformation". Well, could almost confirm my thoughts with his latest book....Govind, the protagonist, promises the book to be sans any thrill or sex as a prologue, but, u have it,,,extravagantly defined as sins in the very few last chapters..

I do not understand what Mr. Bhagat is aiming at..capturing the shy indian minds by epitomising pre-marital sex as sin again and again (give up dude !)...or enduring his regular readers and some filmmakers to churn out yet another Bollywood Masala...Mr. Bhagat, You have a real good future with writing as you can write simple lucid translations without emphasizing on minute details to go ahead and capture readers..But please come out of this melodrama "Indianised-over-the-top" workaholic-ness..We have a melodrama Queen already on television, don't need a melodrama writer/scriptwriter too..And that too, a super-scholar (under-estimated)!!