Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ever since I joined my current assignment, never have I hated work so much. Mostly, it gets on my nerves, travels down the spine and creates an itch in my a** which I can't even scratch due to office manners. The depth of my frustration seems pretty visible.

Traverse back 9 months, when I fell into the dazzling web of virtually projected oppurtunities to learn and carve a niche for myself. Oh, the lead was so cunningly persuasive that I had no word against. Life never seemed better, if not worser.
And I stepped into hell. With so many expectations, with so less to have. Recession also found its time to have more fun. The job-scare over-ruled the job-respect. But my self-respect refused to lose.
Today, I stand at a point of losing my bread, but do I really care for it more than my conscience? I think not.

Just a request. Add the title to the dictionary. It really explains a whole lot.

Mood: Defunct