Sunday, July 05, 2009

Magic at Kashid

The drops of water trickling down my hair,
The sky so dark, yet so clear,
I stand with my eyes closed, waiting for more,
the cold droplets wetting me on the shore.

Eyes to open, waiting to only see,
the wide-open arms of mother sea.
She was beckoning me into her lap,
with waves of thunder and soft clap.

The moment to cherish, the moment to live,
I breathed happiness like no one else could give,
It was the time if missed, never to be forgiven,
to see water unite from hell and heaven..

----- Gratitude to Kashid beach during Monsoon and very dear friends

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ever since I joined my current assignment, never have I hated work so much. Mostly, it gets on my nerves, travels down the spine and creates an itch in my a** which I can't even scratch due to office manners. The depth of my frustration seems pretty visible.

Traverse back 9 months, when I fell into the dazzling web of virtually projected oppurtunities to learn and carve a niche for myself. Oh, the lead was so cunningly persuasive that I had no word against. Life never seemed better, if not worser.
And I stepped into hell. With so many expectations, with so less to have. Recession also found its time to have more fun. The job-scare over-ruled the job-respect. But my self-respect refused to lose.
Today, I stand at a point of losing my bread, but do I really care for it more than my conscience? I think not.

Just a request. Add the title to the dictionary. It really explains a whole lot.

Mood: Defunct

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Minutes ...

The crowded 20:33 local, even first class season pass really did not help. Every journey was an ordeal hanging by the door, trying to hold down swooshing hair lest it entered some co-passenger's nostrils and she chokes to death ! It was a hot and sultry summer Thursday, when I saw him, waiting for the crowd-puller by my side on the platform. Tall, dark, lean (not beefy at all) and with a mysterious sparkle in his eyes. Making futile attempts to keep his lips from drying endlessly, he looked back at me. Our eyes met. It was a cosmic connection. I wanted to roll back my eyes, but was helpless. It was as if he had locked them there. So were his. Beyond his shoulder, rested the huge timer. Three mins more to go... I was restless. He was still piercing me with his eyes. Was he amused or amazed? I do not know. I decided to give in.
"Why cant I look away from you?" - my thought raced. I stared with anger and despair.
"Because we are connected..." - Pat came his reply, smiling and relaxed, lips unmoved.
I shivered.Shuddered. How could this happen? Did i really telepathize with him? Was it .....He shot back then.
"Why are you so confused? You wana waste away these few moments? Do not doubt. I am listening to you."
"Is it for real?"
"Yes it is. We are connected."
"Do you know me?"
"No. Saw you for the first time today."
"But you knew we were connected instantly !"
"Not until you looked at me."
"But why me?"
"I don't know. Maybe we are destined for the connection."
"For what?" 
" Just believe."
"The train is coming. Will we ever meet again?"
"Not something I can tell. But you remain in my heart, just like I will do."

I looked at him with surprise and amazement. The more restless I became, the more calmness he showed. The engine whistled, I turned to the coming train. Maybe I did not want to catch it. Maybe I did not want him to catch it. I turned back again. He was gone. The light-blue shirt had dissappeared. He was nowhere. The train approached. Crowd tightened. I was singled out, searching for him. But he was unseen. He was invisible. I got in the local.. to see familiar faces, tired as always. But today I was not tired, not at all. His energy was flowing through me. The anxiety and expectation to see him again, kept me energised with vigour. Never I met him again, never I saw him again. But he lives in my heart, like he had made me promise. Just another reason to live life with more hope...

Disclaimer: All characters and contents of this write-up are entirely fictional and any resemblance to any living character, place, thing or train is purely coincidential.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Through those paleolithic times in Kharadi,
Alone we came, together we stayed,
Never could I live without the five of you,
Anyone from then, whom I loved more and cared.

Those days, through pain, cheat and sorrow,
Came moments of happiness and joy,
Life couldn't have been more merry,
And sure, we didn't miss any stripper boy !!

Amazing culinary and dancing skills we had,
Oh! the nights without power, the fun endless,
Six of us, inseparable day-by-day,
Friendship, never to break and PRICELESS ...

----- ( Dedicated to my GIPSSY gang ... )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

13 B... Ouch !

One must really have been through serious s*** in life before he could cook up a plot alike this movie. Madhavan couldn't get more irritating (I have no words for rest of the cast, they were dismissable) and the concept couldn't be more pathetic. Then what prompts me to mention it in my ever-famous blog?(It really doesn't hurt to self-praise when no one else does.)
Well, it is the sequence of events post movie that my dear friend M* and I subsequently ended up in. They were something like:
1). Post movie, my body temperature was up by 13 C atleast due to high blood pressure and hyper-ventilation. I am sure that my pulse was also 130 beats/min.(cough-cough, OK...its exaggerated..)
2). M and I travelled arnd the city atleast 3-4 times after it and we ended up with a meter charge of 13 anywhere we went !!
3). M suddenly realised about his past birth while we were walking for our dinner. He claimed that the land the mall was standing was his ancestral property and he had been forcefully ousted from it in last birth. I seriously hoped that the claim would help us for a free meal at Mc D in the same mall. Phew, no avail...

Though TV helped Maddy to get to the root of the so-called bizarre events in life(that is the concept, folks..can you believe it !), I don't know what is going to help me come out of the madness of wasting money over painful Bollywood projects, no less bizarre ! Maybe, a good light-hearted movie, perhaps. Are you listening, Mr.Raju "Munnabhai" Hirani?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slumdog Revisited...

paah...I know I must be the zillion-th person to write about this movie, but it still can be added to the list before reaching exhaustion. Watching SM, I wondered what would have happened if some Indian Guy had directed it.. would it have won so many Golden Globes and BAFTAs and the probable OSCARs too? Taking my thought a little more further (read: disaster) i wondered what if Mr. Sooraj Bharjatya had the oppurtunity to make SM... Won't it be tyranny to movies at its best ? So lets hit it folks !!!!

Possibilities Sustained:
  • The title "Slumdog Millionaire" would definitely have to be changed, for heaven's sake !! To match upto Mr. Bharjatya's name-o-pedia, why not "Hum Gali-ke-Kutte Hain kaun, joh Crorepati banane-waale hain..."(phew !!! longest ever, I guess) WOW....the abbreviation would be HG2KHKJCBWH....(Random thought: he could use it as his e-mail password.)
  • Movie opens with an elaborate song sequence of women dressed in vibrant colours welcoming Prem Malik(Jamaal is now Prem) and the host, Prem Kumar, of "Kaun banega SACCHAA Crorepati."
  • We are replacing the cast, of course !! The host is "the long-forgotten" Mohnish Behl, Salman Khan as Prem (trying to look in his 20s and wearing a tight tee) and ofcourse, "yesteryear's sweet dame, today's pouting mame" - Bhagyashree as Latika Devi.( she still looks twenty). SB* had plans to cast Mr. Himalaya (her hus) as Prem's big B Salim, but the stone faced expressions weren't adequate for the over-emotive charactersand scenes involved here... so, Sallu Bhai's big Bhai is now taken by Sonu Sood....yaahhooo, the hyper-ventilating super-fluously righteous man who gets involved with underworld for the betterment of his younger brother's heart ailment.
  • psst psst...Sallu is a heart patient.. So the first scene of playing cricket and running over slums is now changed to a golf course and Audis zipping around to tk young players(read: kids).After all, Sallu is a poor, rich son of a billionaire(Alok Nath, the perenial weeping father). Poor Sallu's richer father has spent all his billions to treat young boy but he does not recover...It will take the true love and care of a girl who is to come by...(We have interludes playing all along)
  • Role 2: Bhagyashree is bhagya-heen coz she is born to a righteous saint in a brothel by chance... So she has to take up the dancing lessons to save her virginity and chastity.. Dancing away waiting for her prince "Prem" charming... Ring ringa ringa ring ringa ringa....Atta girl Latikaa !!!
  • Sonu(Salim), to save his father's cuffs and Sallu's heart, plunges deep into underworld but instead, tries to reform the dons with Geeta pravachans. No avail.
  • By now, Sallu(Prem bhai) is all beefed up and raring to go save Latikaa from the super flexing goons of Kamathipura...but his heart guys, his heart... We suddenly see Alok jee giving a big bhaashan to Prem to make him forget his heart and win back his love..( I am not going into details of how Prem met Latikaa....they were boating and Latikaa was singing and dancing in the boat...Rest is..ahem..)
  • Prem fights goons with help of brother Salim... and saves Latikaa... Salim gets shot while jumping ahead of Prem to save him from a bullet which would have pierced his already hollow heart..(yuck yuck.. bad timing) Salim....booo-----hoooo.....dies !!!!!!!!!!! Big song sequence showing flashback of lil brothers in chaddi till date...(Were those pink chaddis?)
  • Prem has surgery, but no money. What next? "Kaun Banega SACHCHAA Crorepati !!" Latika does a dare-devilry dance in temple of Maa Kaali while Prem plays till end..(by then, tomato sauce..oops..blood flows out from his nose, mouth, ears due to aaaargh...pain, guys !!) Prem Kumar, the host, lifts up pining Prem off the floor to make him answer the last question... and Janta ka vote makes him win !!!! 1 Crore !!!! Yippeeee, all blood dissapears (i think he licked up the sauce) and Prem stands triumphant when Latikaa comes running strainght from the finale performance to hug him...Alok jee's ashirwaad with Ganga-baho tears....
  • We have the closing song playing..."Yeh Bandhan toh...pyaar ka bandhan hai...." (courtesy: Karan Arjun)
JAI BOL !!!!!

P.S: Last heard, Bharjatya had questioned OSCARS for their sense of cinema...