Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The best blend of Indian classical instruments (read as Flute, Veena and Tabla) on lounge. Presenting you Talvin Singh in Buddha Bar III:

(gives me just a reason more to like Lounge Music...)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

And the House-Hunt goes on...

It was quite expected at our land-lord's end to hike our rent for the next lease period, coz he always felt under-played when it came to the art of gamble of rent. (Wow, I never thought I could make up that !) So, he gave us the bad news, quite early this month. And that gave me just another reason to move out and live on my own. (Its on my never-ending wishlist, to live alone and watch scary movies all through night, mind it..Vampires are the only ones you can depend on if you wanna save yourselves from the country's politicians, he-he)
The house-hunt began...Wham !! (ding-dong) Searching a studio room apartment in India, more precisely, Mumbai, is next to impossible. Yet, given the kind I am (read: insane), I set out on it. And the first week itself, I managed to get a standing offer, without a broker(sort of a miracle)!
This lil 1 room apartment, (252 sq.ft, the owner was very precise about the area, I guess he couldn't reduce it further) situated in a plush suburb, on its most happening street, was the most sidey flat I had ever seen in my life. Nothing inside the house was intact. Broken windows, broken panes, broken plaster, broken door (not the main door, thank Jesus!). And he had the nerve to ask for a handsome rent too for this state-of-art mishap. Can't believe that some day, someone is going to pay that amount and live in that rat-hole with no other go.
What fascinated (or rather, nerved) me were the neighbours. A bunch of Bihari boys (all looked the same to me), a chattisgarh couple and a goanese bachelor. Mighty lucky, that I got to see all of them on the same day..(TGIH) When I asked the owner if it would be safe to come in at night, being a single woman, his reply: "Ofcourse, these boys will never bother you if your door is closed !!" Beat that reply... He he...cant stop smiling now thinking what a blunder it would have been if I had taken the offer listening to my once-a-while possible crazy instincts.

And the house-hunt goes on...

P.S: If you have had the patience to read all this, then just don't sit smiling idle. Help me out in finding a good place !! Do what you can..Its a request, not an order.
(I have read that requests work better than orders :D )

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In the work-Room...

"Arey Yaar !!! ......Lagaa de na na gaane...Is room ka yahii toh faayeda hai"
I could not exactly map the sanity of working inside a conference room with four other guys who do anything to steal a glimpse of whats-in-your-handbag.(Sorry Ss*,T*,S* and M*, if you r reading this, i mean no offence, just kidding :)) )

But as soon as music and tea started flowing,(courtesy:Mr. Ss*'s jeans was having its share of tea than himself), things started to lighten up, and before I knew, I was actually sharing a laugh or two with these funny men. With Ss having song tastes like Rudaali, Maachis, Rothlu(i made it up), etc..etc...from mourning to Bryan singing "69..." with chorus (read:us, of course), i re-discovered the fun I have with music around me.

And the best part is, my manager is happy with my work (I think he is forced to feel so, coz he is getting no one better to work for him, so being satisfied with the worst he has :D How modest!!)

Yaayeeee.....I like this new place, kinda adjusting faster than expected...Gona really miss what I have here in the outside world of cubicles. Thank U co-conference-deskmates and S*'s lappy!!