Sunday, January 22, 2012


The clouds blocked the peaks. Yet, the white silk sheets floating over the velvety tips of snow were driving me ecstasic. He held me from behind, and whispered, his breath warming my nape, "S, we reached here finally" The feeling of him near me, all alone in this paradise, wish it never would go. As he led me into the small cottage we had woven in our dreams out of nowhere, my heart pumped.
Wasn't this de-ja-voo? Hadn't I been here before? The warmth of the hut, the fire blazing in the fire-place, it all felt so similar.
He drew me closer , and kissed gently on my forehead, i felt hands entwine around me. Firm, never to let away. We lay together, me on him, counting his heart-beat, with our eyes closed, with tears of triumph in our eyes, having covered all the obstacles. The doors shut firmly, withstanding the chilly winds outside, but a doubt lingering in my head, Haven't i felt something more?
The night rhymed to our love, opening up to the morning of bright rays, and I turned to look at him. The stranger lay there, the face I never saw before. The night had gone, so was my insight. Was it for real, or had I imagined it earlier?