Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Froggy Predictions :

  1. When you have a juicy mango, watch your throat. It may not be designed to handle the juiciness. Same holds for all fruits based on season and people and built.

  2. Never say No to an Indian autorickshaw wallah in Chennai at midnight, if you are stranded at a place and have no one else to pick you up, and the man is the last one to offer a lift. Convert the price to USD, thank God, its not much then, and get into the Auto.

  3. Exercise regularly to remove the fat, pain, fatigue and fart that trouble others. This ensures peaceful life with people around.

  4. If you have met a hot-bod mexican chick around the corner with a good sense of humour and voice to die for, walk away since you are dreaming. Waiting consequences : Robbed of underpants, to say the least and no pleasure at all.

  5. If you are starting to believe froggy predictions, time to get sanity checked.

Happy life and keep hopping !!! Till next we meet, that is...