Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is Almighty, a child?

Purity, Transparence and Simplicity of heart and Soul, when attained, is what you seek as NIRVANA. You rise a step above all materialistic mortals, only to realise that all you ever wanted in your life was a smile, a priceless emotion, which very few give and thousands seek.
In the quest for Nirvana, we all long to hold the fingers of the Almighty, the Omni-present, to guide us through the right path. Not to venture out into the clutches of the sins of the world and to let life flow into the stream of purity and soulfulness at the earliest possible.God. He is the one we all look out for to tell us the right from the wrong. He , who epitomises, what we finally seek.
Look at the child playing next to you. The innocence of his heart, the truthfulness in his smile, how is he different from whom you want to be? The pain reflected in the tears of the child, when he is hurt, why shouldnt be you trying to correct yourself, to stop from inflicting the mortalisations of God with pain anymore.
A child, born every moment, is the re-incarnation of God himself. Our Almighty is trying to make us realise with his every re-birth that we do not need to search anymore for Him to find the right path. Realising Him in the child would be enough to guide us through the righteous deeds.Lets worship God truly. Let us care for Him, truly.
Every child is precious,beyond measure. You bring a smile on a child's face today, and God's smile doesnt bring any less than unbounded happiness.