Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paragraphs of life.

As it winds back, she met love, someone she wanted to live with forever. They were united by mother nature and God's blessings, and they decided to entwine into each other till eternity. Love and she are inseparable, and will continue to remain so ...

She crossed paths with passion, and it flowed into her existence effortlessly. Together, they melted like chocolate; apart, it ate her raw. Flames was all it caused in her life, and she liked to burn in them.

Lust could not be stopped, and so wouldn't she. They were wary of each other, but magnetic against laws of human. They bore the seed of insanity, enjoying every bit. Not to regret but once, they parted to unite each time.

Revenge was her motive all the time. Only when she had it, she never knew. Ended up pining for it, meanwhile. While they loved to hate each other, they also could not stop themselves from indulging pulling out all stops. She would never know of it being with her, perhaps...

End with love, while live with all others - she epitomizes truth. So difficult to accept, so difficult to live otherwise. Against all rights or wrongs, against human, in nature's womb.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Solace in Solitude.

Wandering lest loneliness engulfs me,
in deep thoughts which nobody could see,
timorous of being stranded alone,
feelings hidden inside, never shown.

Desirous of love purest,
lustful for a warm shoulder to rest,
to vent it all out, loud, crying,
to lift me from where I am lying.

Mizzle from my eyes, as they wet the ink,
running afar from truth, the harder they sink,
the endless anguish tearing my soul and heart,
shredding away my dreams, part by part.

Solitary comfort, not many know it though,
easier to suppress and harder to show,
the blood from my quill flows all over here,
as I embrace solitude to slay my fear.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words I weigh ...

Someone said - "You may feel the compulsion to flirt, but the fear to cross morality-level is what keeps you in check."

The mind tends to be so readable by someone, yet so crypted for some. Women boast of being impossible to be understood; in-fact, they are no less than an open book, one only needs to understand the language. And when that reader comes by, she wants him to be with her forever as someone - a friend, a companion, a lover, a soul-mate, relations undefined or many.
Some like to bury their secrets deep, never to be unearthed, never to see day-light or another's ears and eyes. But some love to flaunt their secrets mockingly, in a care-free manner, which when cared for and heard, hits them hard. The vulnerability of falling prey to one's own words is tough to reckon with, and to live with it trying not to repeat the mistakes is gruesome.
Somewhere deep within, to realize the follies, the intentional mistakes, some unintensional slips and finally, the repentance, is a big and brave step, but to change one-self , is still herculean ...
And I get back to the codes, reluctantly, to wait for tonight to move on, restlessly, to live and wilt, quickly ...
Sinful Indulgence :

Wondered what would i do, if the worst ever happened to my life, and I knew there was no return ever, but to live on . Sounds depressing, eh ? But read on, and the ideas won't seem so bad; infact, they tend to be so normal sometimes, that I think if I should really have them before the worse :) (mental note : Mind makes too many excuses. Pocket does not. It only remains empty.)

1. Get my right arm and hand tattoed with some Satanic image. (throw in a few colours too, if I could bear with the pain)
2. Start to smoke, and try joints. ( then try weed, ganja, blah-blah, .... humbug)

(Note here too : as the points increase, the associated cost and craziness also increases. Man's after all, wildest in his fantasies, guffaw!!)...

3. Buy some second-hand SUV, which can be used as a live-in vehicle too. (you know where am I getting next)
4. Go on a road-trip, with enough moolah to fuel my vehicle and a good camera to click what I might never see again.
5. Ram some auto-wallahs and speed off.
6. Sell off the vehicle to join some roadies (not MTV, d***-a**, I meant the real ones) on an expedition to Himalayan roads.
7. If I live enough, come back and post my experiences.

The last, would be the tribute to this space, I have been writing for a while now.

Getting emotional. Not over the blog-space. For the Oscar win/ lose tone. WTF !!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Froggy Predictions :

  1. When you have a juicy mango, watch your throat. It may not be designed to handle the juiciness. Same holds for all fruits based on season and people and built.

  2. Never say No to an Indian autorickshaw wallah in Chennai at midnight, if you are stranded at a place and have no one else to pick you up, and the man is the last one to offer a lift. Convert the price to USD, thank God, its not much then, and get into the Auto.

  3. Exercise regularly to remove the fat, pain, fatigue and fart that trouble others. This ensures peaceful life with people around.

  4. If you have met a hot-bod mexican chick around the corner with a good sense of humour and voice to die for, walk away since you are dreaming. Waiting consequences : Robbed of underpants, to say the least and no pleasure at all.

  5. If you are starting to believe froggy predictions, time to get sanity checked.

Happy life and keep hopping !!! Till next we meet, that is...

Monday, February 07, 2011

Briefest Stint on a Social Networking Site ...

28 Hours ( Access limited to 3 hours)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alas ! What Kiran Rao did to my direction-less mind ..

She made a movie, and that has left me to ponder over the long time idea of writing fiction. And the thought-process is going so steady, that I am scared.
Incepting End ...

Last night was not well-received. Not at all. Sleep was intrigued by images; gory images which only brought tears in my motionless eyes. The pile of human dirt, waste, carcass, weariness, all building up to new mountains, across the world, occupying every inch of space and nature. I saw myself clambering up those hills, hoping for sunshine. But it had gone. Forever.
I wanted to go back to the place I love. Across those heaps, to catch one last glance of what I woke up smiling each day to. It seemed distant. Impossible to reach.
Yet the hope lingered.
Sleep leads to awakening. So it did to my mind. I have to go back, to where it all started. I need to live andd see, for the cause I feel I might have been made for.
Whether achievable or not, is not the question, not anymore. I need to achieve it. I need to ...
The need arises , so does the end.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saat Khoon Maaf – Shot in a demented mind.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s upcoming movie – “Saat Khoon Maaf” (Seven Murders Forgiven), based on Ruskin Bond’s Susanna’s Seven Husbands from his book, When Darkness Falls and Other Stories, put my insane thought process to run.

Seven fathomable celebrity executions I would have loved to abet; unabashedly, shamelessly, nonchalantly. But sc**w Media, henceforth, I put cues as the names, easily guessable, worth the dry smile. Humour me, please.

  1. Mr. ex-IIT-IIM, now hopeless writer – for writing heavily precedential Bollywood scripts and calling them books or novellas.
  2. King of Bollywood’s best mate – for creating the movie industry’s most sucking movies ever and continue to do so, by taking exile breaks to foreign locales, pretending to churn out classics, instead, potions of boredom.
  3. Mr. Nasal Artist - for his atrocity to compose music, sing, and even try a hand at acting!! And of course, torture all those, who went on to buy his songs and movies.
  4. Mrs. Director-cum-mother of three of Bollywood – for making TMK along with her hubby. Both could have easily qualified as creators of an unfailing agent for Euthanasia.
  5. This is a group massacre, which I would like to classify as a one-time killing: All Big Boss inmates, irrespective of seasons.
  6. Any one CEO of a News Channel which airs Bollywood gossip, national lies and tries to expose dirty linen of peanut politicians and celebrities having little to do with our lives.
  7. Finally, myself. For having to even think about the ones above for my blog, which, recently, has been out-of-activity anyways, and equally unproductive as any listed.

Disclaimer: The above written is purely the writer’s insanity and has nothing to do with living beings or things, assumed. If anybody else wants to take the responsibilities, the writer has no connection whatsoever.